T8 and T8HO
           T12 and T12HO
           T5 and T5HO
           PL and PLHO
           HID Elec. Ballast
           Dimming ballast
           LED Driver
           Sign ballast
           Hydroponic ballast
           Fish Tank ballast
           Fluorescent bulbs
           LED Tubes


DuroPower Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic ballasts for the fluorescent Lighting industry. With corporate offices, engineering, marketing, and warehousing in the Los Angeles area and state of the art manufacturing facilities, DuroPower offers its customers total solutions with: �high-performance products �rapid delivery �competitive prices �dedicated technical support


DuroPower got its start 16 years ago as a contract manufacturer providing ballasts to leading lighting companies. It developed a worldclassk ISO-certified, 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility to produce top quality,high-volume products. In 1998, DuroPower made the strategic decisiong to capitalize on its core competencies and introduce a line of fluorescent ballasts under the DuroPower name. Today,DuroPower�s BallastWise is a widely recognized fluorescent ballast brand for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Quality, Flexibility, Service

DuroPower�s product quality is second to none. All DuroPower brand products undergo rigorous performance testing before shipment, including bench and elevated temperature testing and operation with live lighting loads, All are UL and CUL listed are warranted for 5 years ( HPF) & 3 Years (NPF) & 2 Years ( 90 degree C), And, the compact size of DuroPower ballasts gives lighting designers the flexibility to implement creative designs, whether its technical support for the lighting engineer or tailor-made inventory management systems for lighting manufacturers and retailers, DuroPower is committed to serving its customers� needs. For further information, local distributors, and product information, call (626) 859-7475 or visit us at www.BallastWise.com & www.DuroPower.com

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